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Moved from warm start
Sheng Kai as a wall hanging furnace development, manufacturing experts, will bring more warm and comfortable to thousands of families.

SHIKAR, a professional wall-hung boiler manufacturer,is founded with its R&D laboratory, product life laboratory, incoming material laboratory, final product inspection room based on annual production of 100,000 pcs.

SHIKAR has been dedicated to technical innovation and is always selecting the major components with CE approval. The factory is certified with ISO9001 standard.
pk10投注平台Our products are ranged from 12KW to 35KW, have been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Armenia , Iran etc with good price and good quality...

Shikar dedicate to become a famous brand of Central heating, Domestic water heating based on the most reliable, quality products and best services

Shikar hopes to win trust and permanent support of every overseas user through its new product image, strict art requirement, guaranteed safety protection and excellent sales service.


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