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ISO9001:2008 Authentication
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In June 28, 2013, the Division I received certification awarded TUV quality management system certification company notice, marks the Division I has successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification work.

In order to regulate the internal management of company, ensure product quality, to the management efficiency, while improving the quality and level of service of the company, the company began to proceed with the ISO quality management system certification preparation work from 2012 October. In addition to continued quality management awareness publicity and guide foreign employees, nearly half a year's work centers on the document revision and improvement of the quality management system and the company all staff training and communication content development.

Improvement of ISO9001:2008 quality management system documents is a complex process, companies from the market and the actual situation, fully implement the "customer focus" and "continuous improvement" guiding ideology, all documents to supplement and improve the quality management system, from the management system the company services more standardized, can operation and quantifiable.

In order to ensure the system file is effectively implemented, the company attaches great importance to the training work of the ISO, learning from the 2013 delivery employees in internal auditor course, at the same time, the organization of the company internal training and learning. Through systematic training and learning and the organization of the company internal audit work, have a more profound understanding to the staff of the various departments of the ISO quality management system work.

In May 22, 2013, TUV certification audit expert use of working time of two days of our quality certification conducted a comprehensive, strict examination. Audit group expert thinks: since the Division I since the establishment of quality management system, import management system standards and the establishment of quality management system to clear; the senior leadership management system planning overall requirements of clear thinking, clear objectives; to adhere to the "customer focus" philosophy, pay close attention to the needs of customers; adhere to management innovation, technological innovation, the establishment of high starting point of the file system; pay attention to project quality management, establish supplier control system; the establishment of the quality management system and the comprehensive implementation of the process, the quality policy and objectives of the organization are maintained, continuous improvement mechanism has been basically formed, management system to meet the audit criteria requirements, and to promote the role of enterprise the development of.

2013 June quality system audit work smoothly through, means that the company to strengthen internal standardization management, enhance service awareness, improve the quality of products with more scientific and standardized management system security; at the same time to enhance the company's competitiveness in the market, will establish a brand image to further enhance customer service, and provide more powerful security; a solid basis for the development of the company to play better and faster.

Moved from warm start, Sheng Kai team will bring more warm and comfortable to thousands of families.

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