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Heriot series of grand debut -- first with remote control hanging furnace
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Science and technology energy-saving intelligent component that makes the collocation natural life master in the hand

LED digital display -- classical digital display, digital display temperature. System failure, can automatically detect and display the fault code, easy to repair.
Intelligent constant temperature technology -- stable outlet water temperature to ensure the intelligent temperature technology (fluctuation of only + 1 DEG C); central hot water supply system (per minute up to 12 liters), meet a number of water point at the same time use hot water requirements.
OT -- an important component interface open are used the world's top professional manufacturer of products, all through the reliability and durability of strict test experiment center.
Low CO NOX emissions by combustion and heat control technology -- the leading European, thermal efficiency as high as 90%.
Multiple system protection -- with more than 20 weight system protection functions, such as the two anti freeze protection, ultra low temperature protection, anti seizure protection function.
Balance type forced exhaust - using the security force balance type exhaust mode, combustion required fresh air suction and exhaust emissions and the user's living environment full isolation; micro negative pressure combustion, ensure the flue gas will not under any circumstances to indoor leakage.
Multiple dial design code design -- multiple dial, with energy-saving model has better ability to adapt to the user's heating system.
Telephone remote control system of selecting telephone remote control system, no matter where you can switch and the temperature of the heating wall hanging furnace control in the home.


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