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English SHIKAR boiler product security features introduced
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Gas heating water heater sanitary hot water of 60 DEG C temperature limit of 85 DEG C, the heating water temperature limit, water (low pressure) protection, anti dry protection, wind protection, stop gas protection, frost protection and so on twenty measures of protection, excellent safety.
1, sanitary hot water temperature limit protection
Qualified sanitary hot water temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, in order to avoid bathing water scaling and high temperature hot water to burn personnel.
2, the heating water temperature limit protection
When the heating water temperature reaches 80 DEG C, the temperature limiting protection startup machine, puts out the fire, lower than the temperature of 20 DEG C, the machine automatically start.
3, thermostatic protection limit
Heating water and bathing water two temperature protection, prevent the wall mounted boiler overheating, guarantee system and the safety of the users, and display the secure code.
4, the water flow is too small to protect health
High temperature scalding prevent bath due to water flow caused by too low, only bathing in the water flow rate reached above 2l/min function can start.
5, gas pressure protection
The use of servo loop induction type gas valve of the most advanced in Europe, relieve gas pressure fluctuation, stable gas pressure, improve combustion efficiency, prolong the service life of the heat exchanger for.
6, low pressure protection
When the pressure is greater than 0.3bar, the machine can start the heating system, fully guarantee the full water, ensure the normal output of heat.
7, anti dry protection
When the system return not when free, automatic bypass pipe work, security through the main heat exchanger water, prevent dry burning, prolong the service life of the product.
8, water system overvoltage protection
When the capacity of heating water system caused by the excessive pressure exceeds 3bar, heating water from the safety valve automatically releasing, in order to protect the heating system.
9,Voltage stabilizing protection  heating system
The water tank can be fully alleviate the heating water due to heating volume expansion pressure increase expansion, plays the role of system pressure constant.
10, anti oxygen corrosion protection
Automatic exhaust valve to ensure the efficient discharge heating air in water, the water system of oxygen content to a minimum, improve the system of anti oxygen corrosion, prolong the service life of the product.
11, pressure protection
When the flue blockage or downdraft occurs, automatic flame extinguished, and display the safety protection code, ensure the safety of wall mounted boiler combustion.
12, the gas is stopped manually restore protection
For some reason, stop gas, the machine automatically stops working, the gas supply is cut off, and the recovery after ventilation machine could not be started automatically, manually restore work shall be.
13, flameout protection function
Ionization flame control device, when the flame extinguished, cut off the gas supply and lit, to prevent the residual fire and incomplete combustion.
14, purge function
Lighting the gas before the furnace fan of pre purge exhaust residual gas, prevent the ignition deflagration.
15, after sweeping function
In the equipment stops working after a sweep of the furnace cavity after blowing fan, exhaust residual gas furnace, prevent local overheating and prolong the service life of components.
16, anti seizure protection
Circulating pump every stop working 24 hours, 1 minutes automatic startup.
17, a level of frost protection
When the water temperature is lower than 8 DEG C, a level of antifreeze function start, circulating water pump running 3 minutes, stop 1 minutes.
18, two level of frost protection
When the water temperature is lower than 5 DEG C, the circulating water pump and a burner start heating the water in the system to 25 DEG C didn't stop working.
19, the anti leakage protection
The ground wire is reliable grounding, leakage protection plug device to prevent leakage damage.
20, IPX4 insulation protection
With IPX4 insulation protection grade, can be normally used in the condition of bad environment.

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