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Boiler using tips
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 As a new type of heating methods, in China, along with the rapid development of China's economy, the industry of floor heating level unceasing enhancement, people's heating concept also has a corresponding change, using a wall mounted gas boiler heating also gradually popular. The following summarize small sense of wall mounted boiler use.
The power consumption is 1, wall hanging furnace high?
The main electric components are hanging furnace exhaust fan and a circulating water pump, rated power consumption of wall hanging stove a disc in between 100~200W, the power consumption of different products are different, but with access to the product instructions for use.
The use of gas wall hanging furnace 2, dangerous house?
Wall mounted gas boiler in Europe more than 40 years old, is already very mature. The safety protection device configuration is perfect, users can rest assured that the use of.
3, wall mounted boiler heating system will have the scale?
In ensuring the heating system closed under the condition of good, first injected water heating system of certain scale, produced very little, no risk for heating system.
4, the wall hanging furnace sanitary hot water and heating hot water was mixed?
Wall hanging furnace heating hot water and sanitary hot water has a pipeline system of its own, two is the occurrence of mixed.
5, in order to prevent the wall hanging stove in winter freezing nobody home, can add antifreeze in wall hanging furnace system?Wall hanging furnace system can not add chemicals, especially not with antifreeze. Antifreezing measures should be the correct:
  1) short time home (within a week) when no one, hanging furnace temperature can be set to the minimum, then hanging furnace will be the lowest temperature operation.
  2) home no long-term, can be wall mounted boiler and heating system in the water discharge clean all. But note, please give full consideration to the other interior pipeline before this action, such as the selection of tap water freezing pipe never. Otherwise, please do not close the wall hanging furnace, maintaining its operation at low temperature.
6, the use of coaxial flue what benefits?
Save interior space, improve combustion efficiency.
What is the 7, wall hanging furnace expansion water tank?
To absorb the water in the closed system due to temperature changes in the amount of expansion, maintain the stable system pressure.
8, wall mounted gas boiler which have safety protection device?
Overheating protection, water protection, burning fault protection, system overpressure protection, exhaust safety protection, lack of gas protection, frost protection, water pump lock protection, power-off protection, die self-locking protection and dozens of protection function.
The maximum water capacity of 9, wall mounted gas boiler heating system allowed by which factors?
Wall hanging furnace expansion effective volume of tank size decided to allow water capacity within the system size.
10, wall mounted gas boiler work, how to draw in fresh air and exhaust combustion flue gas?
Wall mounted gas boiler in operation, respectively, from the air and exhaust and the exhaust pipe through independent air inlet pipe. Two Dudu and indoor air independent, safe and reliable operation.
11, the three villas can use wall mounted gas boiler?
Wall hanging furnace requires a closed system installation, system pressure to 1~2bar, the circulating water pump hanging furnace built just to overcome the resistance along the circulation system, so, as long as the system under design flow resistance will provide machine flow lift curve allowed range in a product specification, we can directly use the wall hanging furnace otherwise, can technology reference equipment manufacturers to provide installation of external circulating water pump (at rated output power of furnace wall heating load under the precondition of satisfying the villa).
12, the winter heating, wall hanging furnace will be 24 hours of continuous wor.The basic will not, output power of furnace wall size is in accordance with the larger values of sanitary hot water load and heating load selection. Sanitary hot water load usually family than heating load, so the design of indoor temperature, wall hung boilers will be in accordance with the procedures set automatic start and stop, no human intervention is required.
13, the use of gas wall hanging furnace bath what benefits?
1) water, hanging furnace of a 24KW in tap water and hot water temperature is 25 DEG C in case of production water for 13L/ minutes, basic may satisfy a high-grade shower and a hand washing taps used at the same time.
  2)hot water temperature stability. Wall hanging furnace temperature probe constantly monitoring the temperature of hot water, in the water changes, adjust the hanging furnace output power (tuning range 30%~100%) make the hot water outlet temperature stable.
14, how to reduce the amount of gas wall hanging stove?
1) the purchase of housing, to fully consider the influence factors, such as: the room heat consumption of building envelopes, towards, floors, try to buy small living room heat consumption;
  2) the user should according to the habit of working life of families, in a day / different time periods during the week to set different temperature (room temperature controller can be configured through the programming with function to complete) to avoid nobody at home, and the heating furnace is still in the high temperature operating conditions.
  3) regular maintenance, make wall hanging furnace always efficient processing state.
15, the influence of gas wall mounted boiler heating gas consumption what factors?
Gas and the device itself there is no absolute relationship between consumption of wall heating furnace, and is mainly restricted by the following factors:
  1) indoor set temperature;
  2) outdoor climate conditions;
  3) ventilation;
  4) floor effect;
  5) around the room occupancy rate;
  6) way for users to use.
16, the choice of wall mounted gas boiler for what are the advantages?
1) since the system into user household heating and hot water supply, at the same time to solve the problem.
  2) a single household wall mounted gas boiler heating has great flexibility to adjust, the use of fully independent, heating temperature can be self regulating, the heating time can be control, control of each room temperature can be freely, no boiler room and outside heat supply network loss, save the network construction investment.
  3) conforms to the principle of charge on heat, can accurate measurement of gas consumption, gas consumption can be controlled independently by the user, saving gas.
  4) the heating cycle of low power consumption, save energy, improve the utilization rate of gas pipeline and the use of economic benefit.
17, the European standard wall mounted gas boiler to be composed of what part?
Mainly consists of four parts: heating system, circulatory system, the life hot water circulation system, safety protection and control system for combustion gas.
What are the wall mounted gas boiler and cooling end supporting mode 18, common?
Matching with the radiator system, radiant floor system, fan coil system can be wall mounted gas boiler. (Note: in the design of the system, must flow, resistance, check system supporting scheme selection right)
19, wall mounted gas boiler can simultaneously provide heating and sanitary hot water?
European standard wall mounted gas boiler heating and sanitary hot water mode cannot be run at the same time, sanitary hot water priority functions, wall mounted gas boiler according to the sanitary hot water usage in automatic switching between the two.
20, wall mounted gas boiler has several operation modes, how to choose?
Standard wall mounted gas boiler for heating and sanitary hot water two operation modes. In the control panel wall mounted gas boiler will have winter / summer two option, in the winter gear, wall mounted gas boiler can provide heating and sanitary hot water function, sanitary hot water priority functions, so the gas wall hanging furnace according to the user's health hot water is used in heating and sanitary hot water mode, automatic switching gears in summer; gas wall hanging furnace, usually deal only in standby state, the user use sanitary hot water until circumstances into the sanitary hot water mode operation. So the user can in many aspects to winter heating and sanitary use hot water when winter gear selection, the rest of the time can choose summer, only use a sanitary hot water function.
21, wall mounted gas boiler can provide what function?
Usually, wall mounted gas boiler has two functions of heating and sanitary hot water. There is also a part of wall mounted gas boiler only has the heating function, which we call the single function of the system of wall mounted boiler (hot water storage tank which is connected with an external can also provide hot water hygiene).
The 22 gas, gas wall hanging stove can use what types?
Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, some special models can also use artificial coal gas.
23, I want a day away from home, it is winter, heating furnace and the system I'll freeze?
The heating temperature regulator to the "minimum" position, can prevent the heating furnace and the system of your device freezing (premise is each radiator section of the door must be opened). For long-term uninhabited house, suggested that the entire heating system to drain off the water; or by manufacturers asked frost protection measures specific to protect the heating furnace and the system. Note: the life of hot water circulation only, and cannot protect your heating furnace.
24, my heating furnace to stop working, a red light in the flicker, indicator light pressure also flashing at.
Heating furnace you have realized system water. You must go through water injection knob is located at the bottom of heating furnace to water, make water pressure between 1~2bar. In this operation, you can automatically ignite heating furnace. If you need more frequent flooding, is likely to be caused by system leakage. After this happens, you must contact your supplier.
25, I often heard my radiator which has the sound of running water?
This may be caused by air remaining in water or in the radiator. You can use the open cooling top run tuyere, the inside air release. Later, you must adjust the pressure of heating furnace and ensure the stable pressure. This can be done by water in heating furnace below the mouth knob completed.
26, while in the shower, I have to wait a long time to get the hot water?
Whether heating furnace you in what state or your tank volume is much, the hot water time is determined by the quantity of cold water retention in the water in the. If your bathroom from the storage tank to you (or heating furnace) 10 meters away, waiting for a few seconds hot feeling will be longer.
Since 27, the installation of indoor temperature control device, the radiator is cold all afternoon!
This is the benefits of using temperature controller. The sunlight is very good afternoon temperature controller will make the heating furnace to stop working, sufficient light note let your room to protect the comfortable temperature.
28, sometimes, when I will be hot water faucet open to the maximum, the water temperature as low, is that so?Yes. For the two time in the instantaneous change type heating furnace, temperature depends on the domestic hot water flow rate in water. The water flow more quickly, the two plate heat exchanger heating function to water worse. When this happens, as long as you reduce the flow of water can increase the water temperature.

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