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Become an important independent heating boiler equipment home
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Wall mounted gas boiler is one of the device independent heating system public family. Wall hanging furnace can not only provide living hot water and warm in the winter and the function, can also be used as an ornament appears in the family in Home Furnishing in. Wall mounted gas boiler after installation is to provide the heat required system, can be said that the core equipment for the family of independent heating system and its quality will seriously affect the whole system heating effect, so be sure to choose the brand product furnace wall when buying a wall hanging furnace.

Wall mounted gas boiler consisted of: to gas system, combustion system, exhaust system, hydraulic system, safety protection system, control system. Among them, energy supply part to gas system for wall hanging stove, so safety critical. Due to the gas system can according to the change of power demand and adjust the input will have a direct impact on a wall mounted gas boiler combustion efficiency and the gas consumption, therefore, to the gas system will eventually affect the nitrogen oxide emissions of harmful substances such as. Combustion system includes a premix burner and combustion chamber.

How many premixed burner fire row of gas and air distribution determined degree of mixing, and then determine the combustion efficiency. Wall hanging furnace flue gas in the combustion process will produce, incomplete combustion and flue gas contains a lot of carbon monoxide, once the leak will directly to the owners of dangerous, so the combustion chamber sealing can not be ignored.

In general, both the function of air exhaust system is introduced, and the flue are mostly designed for coaxial type structure, wherein, the inner tube for discharging smoke, outer tube for the introduction of new combustion air needed. Because the air and flue gas exchange system and interior are completely isolated, thus solves the leakage problems with flue gas recirculation. The exhaust system in the structure, the exhaust fan is arranged in the combustion chamber to form a vacuum environment back-end, making the combustion chamber, thus eliminating the possibility of smoke diffused into the room, safe to use.

The development trend of heating market, wall mounted gas boiler Market in China will be the future development trend of the emergence of two. One is the low end of the market will expand rapidly; the other one is in the market for high-end condensing gas wall hanging furnace product sales will rise sharply. In terms of market share, as to promote the construction of China's urbanization process continues to accelerate, the indemnificatory housing, the two or three line of the city and the indemnificatory housing market share will increase.

With refined decoration housing in the real estate market share continue to increase, the future water heater enterprises will be more. Effects of Fertilization on the renovation of the housing and comfortable home system of the huge demand, the future is likely to appear some very large system integrators. In the products and technologies, more gas wall hanging furnace from simply selling products enterprises will become a sale of the whole system integration and the entire solution oriented.

With the improvement of living standards, the future home industry will show a clear trend of intelligent. So this is also so in control of furnace heating system of gas wall hanging, some foreign brands have been in the actual installation succeeded in using the remote control system. The system can realize parallel user home gas heating water heater equipment and manufacturers of after-sales service centers, and after-sales service system in the factory. In this way, the manufacturers without the door, you can see the whole operation condition of gas wall hanging stove users home in their own after-sales service system.

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